Wasn't Blinded By Alpha Romeo KB Responds To Chef 187 Insisted line In Pre-season Freestyle

Chef 187 released a new freestyle called “Pre-Season Freestyle” and emphasized fans and people to listen to it carefully.

People have heard the freestyle and have discovered some fan comments on the song Chef 187 has brought stew on the new freestyle, the rapper has responded to KB’s Voice Over Line which was eyed on “Dairy 3” which said (Chef Was Tryna Sound Like his Brother).

Chef 187 let go off to his reaction after a while and was captioned “KB Ngalinsaina i Was Right There”, he further insisted like “I Was Right There Nombana Zoona” in conclusion Chef 187 closed the verse by saying “Blinded Na Alpha” which has shocked listeners and followers leaving them with question marks.

KB has responded to Chef 187 and clarified that he was not blinded by Alpha Romeo also opened up a bit how Alpha Romeo suggested to have Chef 187 signed to KAmy.

Could it really be true that KB was Blinded? leave your comments below!