“Nimezama” is a new single from Kisimani album. Produced by Marco Chali, the song has Wakazi describing how deep he is in love with this imaginary lover (maybe not) to a point he doesn’t see himself with another. One would say not a typical record for Wakazi, but what’s typical when you are such a versatile emcee. The song is aimed at targeting the female fans, and judging from the reactions from the album, it looks like mission was accomplished. 

The question is, is this based on real life situation?! I let you tell it… Wakazi raps, “It may sound like I’m exaggerating, but this is how I been feeling exactly lately..” and goes on to say, “Mtoto Wa Masaki, ila attitude ya Uswazi, nikiwa na mawazo she’s like baby usiwaze”. 

Only time will tell, if this vivid description of affection is real, as Wakazi has always been discreet with his relationships. Maybe he’s finally decided to show his vulnerability.. besides even hardcore emcees need lover too. “Nimezama” is available on all download and streaming service across the board, and make sure you request it on your favorite radio station, as a special dedication to your loved ones.” Enjoy!