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VIDEO |+MP3: 408 Empire , Vally – “ile Enda ilepya” #UpTownJams


#UpTownJams present to you ‘ilenda, Ilepya’ a song performed by the 408 Empire that are musically taking over copper-belt & Vally.

Have you ever wondered on how to make a hit song in this twenty first century, Well here is a simple breakdown of making a hit song.

Reside your music writing and thinking on the trending streets gestures and notice catchy words people are using, Nigeria is a perfect example of the slung used in most songs that have made airwaves across Africa! With this simple formula you will make a hit.

ilenda, Ilepya is a street slung word for a business of fried sausage that is sold in most markets in Zambia, a sausage that’s cooked while rolling the stove/pan.

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