VIDEO: Artist United – “I Care About Her”

Artist United - "I Care About Her"

Music For Change  founder B’Flow –   managed to mobilize more than 50 local artists to use their voices to defend the rights of Women and Girls guided by the motto I Care About Her Campaign (ICAH).

“30 Zambian artists team up to sing a song about the need to have more male voices speaking out on ending violence against women and girls. “I Care About Her” is an attitude change song with a catchy melody and simple lyrics to change the mindset of men and boys with regards to how they treat women and girls. Oxfam has supported 75 Zambian musicians through role modelling training and studio time. The musicians have been endorsed as champions of the “I Care About Her” campaign on ending GBV. The campaign involves men spearheading the fight against gender based violence, specifically violence against women and girls. With the theme “silence is violence”, the underlying message behind the song “I Care About Her” is that people who remain silent when they see violence against women and girls in their communities are part of the problem because they tolerate oppression of women and their rights.”

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