Up-Rising Act Umusepela Chile Protects The Rights Of Zambian Citizen | “Change (EP)” Plus Short Review

Among the few emerging acts that are doing music with a possitive message its Umusepela Chile who has chosen towards contributing to the well being of the citizens and bring about change in the youths.

Being able to work hard night and day Private label Deathraw (PLDR) ACT – Umusepela Chile recently released an eight track EP called Change, the songs on the body of work are “Am Tire, Nazanda, Change, Human Rights, Mistake, Tuma Busy, UNZA plus an Intro” all produced by OG Bee jay.

The songs on this project play the role to protect the rights of Zambian citizens and that of the youths in particular through his art.

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God Bless You.

Sample the INRO: