T-Low Brings To Light Tracklist & Cover For Forthcoming EP

T Low’s EP is out now, Two weeks ago the singer officially released the nine(9) Track EP, today The Melody Man EP has arrived on all streaming platforms including here.

The Melody Man marks in the books of history as T Low’s Debut with guest appearance’s of James Sakala, Sir Jones, Tha Jedi, Camsta, Dark Knight, Wezi, Zic, Danny TSG, Tanny, 1Billion and worked with a numeber of producer’s namely Cream Dollar, Yikes, Sir lex, Ronny, Cash’Roll etc.

BRIEF BACKGROUND: T Low rose to fame in 2017 after laying vocals in Chef’S song which is called “Complicated” since then people fell in love with his art and letter continued building his career by releasing single’s which where awesomely received with open hands by many, This year T Low has added to his name a NINE(9) Track EP.