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Spotify Recognizes Chanda Mbao

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Spotify Recognizes Chanda Mbao

Zambian Hip-Hop artist, Chanda Mbao has been recognized by Spotify and playlisted on two official Spotify playlists, ‘Hip-Hop Juice’ and ‘Shisha Lounge’.

Hip-Hop Juice Playlisthttp://bit.ly/MoneyGangHHJ

Shisha Lounge Playlisthttp://bit.ly/MoneyGangShishaLounge

For those unfamiliar with Spotify and streaming, being playlisted on an official playlist is a major achievement as Spotify is the largest paid music streaming platform in the world by number of subscribers. With over 100 million subscribers, a popular song on the platform is the gateway to a global hit. Songs such as ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi and ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake are just two examples of streaming hits that went global. Closer to home, Mr Eazi has been one of the continent’s streaming successes. The concept of ‘playlisting’ involves Spotify employees who curate popular music they believe has potential to grow globally.

At a recent performance, Chanda Mbao spoke of the need for Zambian music fans to support their favorite artists as much as possible via digital platforms because that is what will allow Zambian musicians to monetize their craft and grow as brands internationally. Other artists such as Bobby East have recently remarked how opportunities for Zambian artists have been curtailed by a lack of numbers on digital platforms.  Support all our Zambian musicians with streams, views, likes and comments across digital platforms to increase their visibility on the global scene!

The Hip-Hop Juice playlist which Chanda Mbao was recently placed on is Africa’s top followed Hip-Hop playlist and features big names such as AKA, Nasty C and Nadia Nakai, with Chanda Mbao placed near the top of the list (stream here). Mbao was also placed on a larger algorithmic playlist called ‘Shisha Lounge’ which features Drake on the cover (stream here) and boasts over 500,000 followers.

Listen to Chanda Mbao’s single on the playlists below! Be sure to stream Zambian!

Hip-Hop Juice Playlist: http://bit.ly/MoneyGangHHJ

Shisha Lounge Playlist: http://bit.ly/MoneyGangShishaLounge

Source Lusaka Times.