Slap Dee & Chef 187 Love Story


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Slap Dee and Chef 187 Love Story, Some say that when two people are fighting, you should never pick a side because you might end up looking like a fool if they make peace.


CHEF 187 disregarded this advice and fired some direct shots at SLAPDEE at a time when the beef between SLAPDEE and MACKY 2 was at its peak.

Years later, SLAPDEE and MACKY 2 reconciled. Despite the fact that SLAPDEE never responded to the allegations that LYRICAL JOE MBUZI made that the KUICHAILA hit maker was nothing but a mop to the KOPALA SABALA.

Practically everyone knew the two were feuding and took subliminal shots over the years.

In 2016, the question was not who was better, SLAPDEE or MACKY 2, but who was better, SLAPDEE or CHEF 187? Musical fans from both camps liked the competition, but the majority of them wished that the two would collaborate one day.

CHEF 187′s “Bon Appetit” album was released with two international acts, which was a huge win in the “TULEYA TULEKULA” hit maker’s career.

king DIZZO shared a post on Facebook wishing him all the best on his big day, to which “UNO” did not hesitate to respond, demonstrating how much the two admire each other but refuse to admit it.

Fast forward to 2022. Slapdee recently shared a Chef 187 song “HUSBAND MATERIAL” this has brought a lot of memories and hope for a collaboration from the two men all married to one woman (Hip Hop).

Now the huge question remains: who between the two will swallow their pride and give the fans the song they have been waiting for?


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