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Scarlett ft. Suzana – “Look To You” Mp3

Scarlett f. Suzana – "Look To You" Mp3 Download
Scarlett f. Suzana – "Look To You" Mp3 Download

DOWNLOAD: Scarlett ft. Suzana – “Look To You”

In true Scarlett fashion, she follows up her first album single, with a smooth, reggae influenced, scripture based effort featuring her sister Suzanna on backing vocals, titled “Look To You.

Written out of the book of Psalms, “Look To You” was written in 2015, during a period of time when she was deep in the clutches of depression. She says, “This song came to me in the bathroom. I had reached what I thought was rock bottom at the time. It felt like I was watching a horror movie unfold from outside my body. The song came to me and stayed stuck on a loop in my head until I wrote it down.”

Suicidal, depressed and at her lowest point, she says she felt God speak the song into her spirit. 5 years later, she hopes that “Look To You” can become an anthem for hope, faith and blind trust in.

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