Random Emerging Artists On The #BLOW

2018 has been a productive year in music on the local scene, the established musicians have grown in music business which lives proof and an eye opening for the budding musicians to more greater deals which are yet to pop up like, international record labels, global or local endorsements, collaborations from abroad.

This movement has been made possible by music producers, video directors, websites, Dj’s, promoters and managers.

Below are some of them!

Noiy (Does – Hip-Hop)

RealBwoy Morgan (Does Dancehall)

Ockley (Does – R&B)

Trina South (Does – Hip Hop)

Luwizzy (Does – R&B Afro R&B)

Umusepla Chile (Does Hip-Hop)

Umusepela Crown (Does Hip-Hop)

Bizo AKA Young Dady Zemus (Does Hip-Hop)

Rich Alsina (Does R&B)

Scott – (Does R&B)

Blake – (Does Dancehall)

Dark Knight – (Does Dancehall)

Bow Chase – (Does Hip-Hop)

Clusha – (Does Hip-Hop)

Yo Maps – (Does Mainstream)

Keisha (Does Christian Gospel)

Tigres (Does Hip-Hop)

Chanda Mbao (Does Hip Hop)

Empire Squad – (Does Hip-Hop)

Sam The Dream Chaser (Does R&B)

Elisha Long (Does R&B)

Musonda (Does Gospel)

J-mafia (Does Dancehall)

Fly Jay (Does Hip Hop)

Hush (Does Hip hop)

LaWino (Does Afro Hip-Hop)

Jedi (Does Hip Hop)

Josam Awesome (Does Afro-Rhumba)

Mwila mulenga (Does Afro-Pop)

The list was compelled by Zed jams and its board, the criteria used for the selection was focusing on the emerging musicians that have been consistent.