No More Beef: Best Freinds Before Differences Bobby East Announces & And Album On The Way From J.O.B

Bobby East and J.O.B have continued buzzing, the best freinds before differences have confirmed this through meduims e.g “Bobby East took it to twitter and tweeted saying (I know this was entertaining for everyone but it’s real life for the rest of us.Behind the music and the handles are real life human beings who feel just like you.JAY and I have squashed this, it’s over.Don’t @ me bout this shit no more.The hurt was real cause the love is real.— Bobby Eazle (@VanillaDzaddy) February 11, 2019

The rest of the healing will be done away from the Internet as should have been in the first place.. Peace and Love to you and yours…— Bobby Eazle (@VanillaDzaddy) February 11, 2019)”

While “J.O.B” made an appearance for a radio interview on Power Fm with host kayJay Where he confirmed “I was actually dropped off by Bobby East” having that said the rapper took this fine opportunity to announce that he will be dropping an album very soon.

Stay Glued.