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Muzo AKA Alphonso’s “Massacre-EP” Goes A Notch Up As Macky 2 & Tiye P Take On One On One!

Tiye P has certified Muzo’s EP in a directly post which stated – Muzo’s interlude EP ‘Massacre’ is fire it’s way better than the over hyped so called HipHop albums by your favorite kalindula/Rhumba rappers mistaken for HipHop artists.

Macky 2 surprisingly accepted and adapted to Tiye P’s accepting it was going at him, who later wrote an angering comment in the post – called Tiye P a “new rapper ” and gave credit to Bobby East & Jaecash saying “Am proud of artists like Bobby and Jae Cash who have finally found where they fit in mu industry”

Here is the the full comment by Macky 2 – “This shoe fits.. and I think I will wear it. The biggest problem I have with some of u new rappers is u feel u are underrated and everyone else who is making it big is overrated. U feel people don’t understand u.. when u yourself haven’t taken time to understand the people. Ur hearts are full of hate and bitterness.. I can clearly see the envy behind the fake smiles but I still wish u success. I always try to lead and guided where I can.. coz I believe in passing the torch. I believe the next generation of rappers should be better than us. “If the student is not eventually better than the master, then the master has failed”.. the industry should grow and improve, but that can only happen if knowledge is passed down from the OGs to the new wave. Am proud of artists like Bobby and Jae Cash who have finally found where they fit in mu industry.. There Is Enough Space For Everyone But The Truth is nomatter how dope ur bars are, if u don’t understand the music business.. u will always be overlooked. U see many have come and gone ine #Nilipoche ..Am A proud Kalindula/Rhumba/AfroPop/Hiphop…./Nafimbi nafimbi rapper, And I will go down in Zed history as 1 of the greatest to ever do it. Oh! and 1 more thing.. am only writing this shit to give ur album some hype.. u are goin to need all the help u can get if u want it to be mentioned in the same breath as the Album Of The Year.. #GP”

Latter Tiye P maintained his loyalty to Macky 2 in this Reply – “I have always venerated you as a big brother,today wont be the day to disregard that and muzo will not be the person to cause it.You of all people should understand HipHop ,commenting here being all mature and making me look stupid and disloyal isnt cool.jealous,hate,envy and bitterness are things that i dont have.its very appalling you see me like that after all these years of putting my loyal on,worse on social media. If you saw me in anyway that i have always seen you (as a brother),we were not going to be typing here. Anyway thanks for the comment and wishing me success.Allow me to also extend my deepest condolences to you and the family,since we dont talk like that i learnt about the bereavement today from kaliwa.Music,HipHop,Showbiz,fame and music business aside.You will always be a big brother to me.peace!!! #TilipoChe”