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*Mumba Yachi*
In the world we have come into
We are like travelers my child
People that are alive today they will not be around tomorrow
That is how the world is my child
This world we are in my child, it is like a bone
You chew on it and leave it for your friend to chew toox2
In this world we are in, they are different things
Things we see and things we don’t see
In this present time respect nature, the trees and animals
These are things you found in the world
Your growth my child
In your life my child
Know that no matter how tall you are
You can’t see tomorrow
Even though the eyes see far
They can’t see the ears that are near
Do not laugh at the elder because he is short
He knows how he will pick his mango
This world oh ooh
In this world oh oooh
This world eyi eyi eeh
This world eyi eyi eeh
There are different things eeh
There are trials
There is sorrow
There is joy
There are celebrations
There is mourning
And there are mourners
In this world oh oh yela bap bap
We the elders are heading to our graves
We are the seeds and you are the fruits x3
There is nothing new in this world
We the elders are heading to our graves
We are the seeds and you are the fruits x3
I’m singing in bemba
Even those listening are listening to me in bemba
*Chef 187*
Where I come from we give respect to our elders
Those that are living and our ancestors that lay in the graves
Pride and superiority
What can stand against this?
Basking in the light like I was never in the dark
We were your moulder
You are the building block
The life you are living today is not the same as in the past
Here you go, we have left it for you
Refute if you will not succeed
Like visitors, humble yourselves God will bless you amen
In the future our culture and tradition will fade away
The teachings of the foreigner are the ones this generation will carry
Our culture will soon be western there will be nothing else you will hold onto
Still this country is yours
Hunger is not your companion
Work hard so that food does not miss on the menu
I am with you!