K.R.Y.T.I.C ,Art.Is.Tic,

Art.Is.Tic album title will give you a clear picture how interesting this project is just by looking at it, the title’s presentation was excellently abbreviated into Art.Is.Tic from the original word “Artistic” which gives an enough perspective of what the rapper is doing.

The album is fully packaged hosting 13 tracks featuring Mozaik , Killa, Dagger, King Puppy, Jarome Arab, HHP Mic, Eddie, Various, Tim,  Prince Marv & Tiye p, the album touched on different aspects and stories in line with hip hop’s culture.

The album is believed to be punching in sells well on Zambia’s digital music selling platform mvesesani , and has some music aready topping airwaves on Zambia’s renowned hip hop radio shows Called Hip-Hop Tuesday(#ZedshakeDown) with track number 4 titled “Semeki”, the album is educating, inspiring & probably the best hip hop album at the moment.

Kindly Purchase yourself a copy, you will relate and enjoy
each record on the album.


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