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Father Denies Son Over Hit Song “Fly Step Mother” | P Jr Umuselemani

Father Denies Son Over Hit Song

A Chingola based controversial Rapper and song writer Agripah Siyingwa popularly known as P Jr Umuselemani has reportedly been disowned by his biological father after releasing a hit single called fly step mother.

In the song P Jr Umuselemani praises his “Sexy Step Mother” wishing to have a sexual relationship with, It has been rumored that song after hitting air waves its impacted a lot of youths leaving with their step Father/Moms, and its evident the song has already influenced in reported case of a teenage boy from a unmentioned ghetto in the mining town of Chingola he’s been attempting to have a relationship with his step mother.

Related to “Landlord“, P Jr Umuselemani is the young brother, Landlord is known for featuring top trending Zambian musicians likes of Afunika, Dandy crazy, Chef, Macky 2, etc. while P Jr Umuselemani is known for for songs like BebilaSo, Chipaye Chimental featuring Muzo Aka Alphonso and “Bushe Kufipanga Kobe” which he features Jae Cash.