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J.O.B Ft. Elijah & Xc Wonde – “Sunga Umutima” [Audio]

J.O.B (Feat. Elijah & Xc Wonde) -

J.O.B Ft. Elijah & Xc Wonde – “Sunga Umutima” [Audio]

J.O.B WRITES: Hello, another year comes to an end and in retrospect I can honestly say 2019 was a good year for me, and I’m just so thankful to God for the blessings he has seen fit to bestow on us this year and for the light he’s shed on our hearts and minds.

I end this year with a shift towards more conscious music, I hope one may find in my music the seed or germ of light when in dark times, I hope my work will prove helpful to someone.

I was honored to feature Elijah and Xec Wonder (pronounced Zek), two humble and talented musicians the Lord saw fit to send my way, they lend me their talents on Sunga Umutima, a song I hope will prove helpful to my fellow youths.

produced by himself at Dasim Studios and Blazer Studio (Unga Kwanise).


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