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Dave – ‘Verdansk’

Dave - 'Verdansk' Mp3 Download
Dave - 'Verdansk' Mp3 Download

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“Verdansk” is the second cut from Dave’s sophomore album We’re All Alone In This Together, and is arguably the most highly anticipated track on the project.

Santan first previewed the track a year prior, on 29 June 2020, on his Instagram Story. The theme coincides with the lyrics as Dave speaks on he and his friends’ reputation when it comes to “war” against their enemies, whilst throwing out cheeky nods to his female counterparts and even how rich his mother is.

Dave released the music video for the track on the 8th of September, paying homage to Call of Duty games across the years. The video also came with an additional verse.

The music Video was directed Dave and Nathan James Tettey. He goes Like ‘Young G’s talking my name in the Ends Gotta’ tell a man, “Please don’t risk it”

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