Bobby East X Macky 2 Are Coming For Smaq & Muzo AkA Alphonso On Vanilla

Bobby East will soon be releasing his long awaited album for “Vanilla” a 14 track project and features Koby, Daev, VinChenzo, Macky 2, Jorzi, Nezlong, Rich Bizzy, tim (Thugga), Natasha Chansa and the bonus track which has SlapDeee.

Track number 4 is titled “I Forgive You” which has made this headline, the song is rumored to be going out to Smaq and Muzo AkA Alphonso it features Alpha Ent. Boss – Macky 2.

Nothing more can be said on this, rather we encourage you to be alert you can’t afford to miss this this project and the subjected song.

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