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ALBUM: Pilato – “Forsaken Prophecy” #JAMS4ROMThAPAST

ALBUM: Pilato -

Pilato began his music journey with humble deeds, his debut can be described as a comic Artist – which brought him songs like “Ichashishista.

The Poet/Rapper earned recognition when he was signed and introduced by Alpha Entertainments and made great songs, Pilato made advancments in his music which concentrated more on the well being of the country’s state.

In 2015, Pilato released an Album called “Forsaken Prophecy” a 17 packed full album which featured Mo Money, Xs, Silent E, James Adam, HHP, Kyrtic, Pensulo, Luna, Chef 187 Joe Bligga, Wezi & Petersen.

“Pilato Once Posted – The most accurate prophecy about a country is not what is said by the mouths of its prophets but by the actions of its people. Great speeches are good for the ear but great actions are great for a living.”

Check on it below!