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Dizmo Attracts Eddy Kenzo, Stone Boy & Hits on International audience with his viral freestyle

Dizmo | Payipa Pano Freestyle Lyrics

Dizmo lands on international recognition with his viral freestyle that caught everyone’s attention in Zambia two weeks ago, and now the freestyle has caught a thousand of Africans including the Ugandan high rated BET Award Winning act – Eddy Kenzo  who got inspired and quickly shade light for Dizmo by sharing  to his Facebook page also on his Instagram Account.

Eddy Kenzo is an artist that’s blessed with a special gift of taping inborn talent in young children, also an artist that was behind the rise of the Ghetto Kids or (Ghetto Triplets Kids) of Uganda, whom he give a platform in most of his music videos which they showcased and performed their dancing skills.

Dizmo comes from misisi compound in Lusaka, Zambia. The boy has been off from school due to insufficient funds. The passionate young rapper has been using his rapping skills in streets of Lusaka to make something out of his gift.

Dizmo has been taking chances and continued rapping and believed in himself until he went viral on social media which he won everybody’s attention in Zambia and saw one of the local topping musician whose the founder of XYZ Crew – SlapDee scouted for the boy by taking his precious time and ask for anyone that can locate Dizmo’s actual address, which he later successfully achieved and had private discussions with his parents.

The rest is in Gods hands and who knows? Dizmo might just go viral around the globe with his ever confidence and passionate delivery?