Big Shot Producer & Co-Producing With Kekero | Mr. C.O.G

Introducing Mr. C.O.G an outrageous, dramatic, inspiring and an entertaining music producer, take a ride and meet this super music producer as we reveal the secret tricks he uses to bring out crazy drama and total entertainment.

Mr. C.O.G began music production at a very tender age since then his unique story began and started seeing him be able to understand sound which many people have unfortunately failed. The producer has worked as solo producer but his destiny couldn’t allow him to work all for himself, his currently working red hot music sensational multi-genre singer/Songwriter and music producer “Kekero” at the studio called “A planet Records” already they have produced a number of tracks and they are have unfinished projects being worked on in the lab or studio.

The multi-talented music producer has worked with several major studios within Lusaka and was able to produce a number of good records at the studios which has earned him as one of the best emerging music producers Zambia will be able to look rely on as standout music producers.

Mr. C.O.G is privileged with a singing gift too and has composed a number of records to his name and written by him, he is expected to soon begin releasing some new singles and videos featuring various artists including him that he has produced at the current studio a planet records stay glued to these awesome coming songs.

Both producing and singing and any music related gesture by Mr. C.O.G is a buildup of a strong profile as a producer/musician to reckon with while paving his way to establishment. Watch out for Mr. C.O.G a talented music producer and singer.